Hi friends!  I'm Shannon, and I'm a stay-at-home mom of a hilarious and kind little boy.  My husband and I, our son, and our dog live in the deep SE of Calgary (Copperfield) and have been here for about 6 years.  I love tea, dogs, papercrafting, fabric, cinnamon, baking, and my family and friends (not necessarily in that order) and I'm always up for a midnight poutine run or a rowdy Nintendo tournament.

I'm Khrystyn, and I've been a part of the MOB admin team for 6+ months now. I joined the admin team because I saw what Toni and Janna were doing and really admired it. It's nice to be a part of something that is so big and so helpful to so many women/people. I love reading, baking, nature and artsy stuff. I've been with my boyfriend Nathan for 5 1/2 years and we have a daughter, who is almost 2 and a wonderful handful.  I stay at home and do crafts and play all day but I'll be going back to school in the fall!

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Toni is a born-n-raised Calgarian and single mother to a 3 year old. Toni has a passion for the community and helping people. With 11 years’ experience in the Hospitality Industry, Toni made a transition into the non-profit sector in 2008, and has enjoyed it immensely. Toni takes her experience with previous life challenges she has been faced with, such as Thyroid Cancer and Post-Partum Depression, as a vehicle to help others in any way possible. If you need a smile, Toni always has one to give.

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Hi, I'm Rachel! and I am currently a stay at home mom to one very precocious little girl. I am originally from London Ontario, but have lived in Calgary for almost 10 years. I enjoy crafting, gardening, cooking, video games, graphic design and I am (self proclaimed) history nerd.  I originally joined the M.O.B forum to connect with other mothers around Calgary. I later joined the Leadership team to help foster those connections with other Members and to help support an important resource to Calgary.

Shannon Lane

Mothers Opposed to Boredom

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